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Converting Your Home To Solar Energy Makes Sense In So Many Ways.

Making the transition to solar power for your home isn't just the right thing to do for our environment and for our future, it actually makes good, practical sense in so many ways.

  • Electric Bill Savings: See immediate savings on your electric bill. A re2g system can provide up to 100% of the electricity you need to run your home. You will reduce or even eliminate your dependence on fluctuating electric costs.

  • Get Cash Back: Federal and state incentives combine to cover up to 50% of the cost of your solar installation, and you'll earn Solar Renewable Energy Credits that will put cash in your pocket for years to come!

    When you install a re2g solar power system, you'll get 30% back as a credit on your federal income taxes. You may also be eligible for state or other grants that will further reduce the cost of your system. re2g will find all the applicable tax incentives and grants, and we'll facilitate all the necessary paperwork.

    Over the life of your solar power system, you can expect to get income and savings that triple your initial investment.

  • Property Value Increases: For every $1 you save each year in utility costs, $20 is added to the building's value. That means if you save $1,000 in your annual utility costs, you're adding $20,000 to your property's value.

  • Protect The Environment: And, of course, you'll be protecting the environment. By using clean, natural power generated by the sun, you'll be reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping our environment in a real and measurable way.

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"Working with re2g was easy. Their proposal provided me with all the information I needed to know upfront - including important facts about the PA Sunshine grant, applicable taxes, and reasonable expectations about SRECS. They completed our installation on-time and on budget. No surprises. The solar panels they used looked great, too."

- Owner, Solebury Orchards

Who Is re2g?

re2g is the region's premier provider of solar energy solutions for your home or business. Everything we do is designed to make your solar conversion simple, straightforward, affordable and convenient. From our free Sky Review™ evaluation process to the personalized expert service of our dedicated Solar Strategists™, we design and install custom solar systems that suit your energy needs and work within your budget.


In The News

Solardelphia Is Now re2g!
"re2g stands for 'renewable energy to grid.' When your solar panels generate more energy than you can use, you can sell that energy. That way, your solar panels can pay for themselves over time, or even make you money."
- Jude Webster, re2g founder and president


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